Saturday, September 4, 2010

long time no see

I'm sorry for neglecting to update this for all you devoted readers. It's been a whole month since I wrote anything here. I've meant to stop by many times but always got sidetracked or was too busy. There is actually a good bit to update you on. Movies were seen, concerts were heard and I won the lottery. Ok, that last part isn't true, but one can dream.

I was able to go see Halestorm recently when they played at a Best Buy store in Hunt Valley MD. If it weren't for Facebook or Twitter, I never would have known about it. Luckily Hunt Valley is only a little over an hour away and on the way to my parents house. It was another small acoustic performance for the fans to enjoy with a little autograph session at the end. They played a nice 4 song set and sounded great. As always, Lzzy Hale is pitch perfect on a cover of Heart's "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You." She gave it her all and it payed off. See for yourself here . The other 3 songs they played were their hits It's Not You, Familiar Taste of Poison, and I Get Off. With all these acoustic shows, they would probably do well if they put out a live acoustic EP also. They're one of those bands who just sound amazing live, even better than the CD. Keep it up guys.

The next night was another unexpected/unplanned (for me) concert in Baltimore. Once again, my friend Dave had extra free tickets to a show where he would be taking pictures. Main bands playing here were Burn Halo, Adema and Tantric. I had no clue Adema was even still around. Like I told Dave at the show, I don't think I had even listened to them since college. The same could be said for Tantric as well. I was never really that big of a fan of Tantric but I enjoyed them. They had some sound issues at the venue though and it was quite difficult sometimes to hear the vocals. Classic moment of the evening would go to the drunk girl that literally pushed Dave out of the way. She turned out to be the daughter of the drummer from Adema. The look on Dave's face as he was shoved by this girl was priceless.

Third concert was last night (3 shows in one week, two were free...not bad). Fireflight, a christian rock band, played in Columbia MD at a place called GenXaret. My friend Joelle and I went to this and opted for the VIP treatment which to be honest with you did not make me feel like a VIP. 6 extra dollars per ticket for early entry and a "meet and greet plus signing" with the band. We basically payed the extra money just to get in the doors early. Yes we were able to get the band to sign things and take pictures, but they did the exact same thing for everyone else directly after their show. The pre-show greeting seemed rushed and Joelle was very unhappy that the guy that took her picture with the band didn't do a very good job. The show was all ages and all ages were there indeed. I've never been to a rock concert where a pack of 5 year olds were running around back and forth jumping all over the place. It was actually quite annoying. Aside from all of this, Fireflight was very good. I enjoyed them and they had great energy and their songs have great meaning to them. Their setlist had a fair mixture of new and old songs. Joelle likes the new cd best, but I am more partial to their previous release "Unbreakable." I like it all though. My absolute favorite of theirs is Forever .

Duty calls and I must get ready for work now, but I promise I will be back. Sooner than later. In the meantime you should do yourselves a favor and check out Fireflight's new album "For Those Who Wait." The title track of that album is great. Also be sure to check out the updated Youtube page to see some videos of all the above mentioned shows. Subscribe and comment and enjoy some awesome music.

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