Monday, July 5, 2010

Lzzy Hale = Awesome

The first time I heard Halestorm was on the Sirius/XM station "Octane." They were in studio talking to Kayla and I liked what I heard. The next day I bought the CD at target and loved every minute of it. If you haven't listened to it at all, you're missing out on incredible music. This band rocks hard and Lzzy has a great rock voice. It doesn't hurt that she's incredibly gorgeous also. The best thing about this band though is they actually care about their fans and are good to them. I was fortunate enough to see them perform an acoustic set at a small show on Record Store Day. After their set they stuck around and met and talked to each fan that was there. Recently Lzzy has started a "FreakyFanFriday" on Twitter where every Friday she picks 5 of her followers and "follows" them for a week. I was lucky enough to be picked this time around so for one week she sees all my posts and I have the ability to DM (direct message) with her. I think it's more than decent that she does this. She wants to get to know her fans better and allows us to get to know her better as well. I hope Lzzy Hale and her band is around for a LONG time because we need more musicians like this, who care about the regulars like me and you. They don't see themselves as being better than us. They appreciate us just as much as we appreciate them and that's a pretty good feeling. Thank you Halestorm!

If you have a twitter account, make sure you follow @LZZYHALE, @HalestormRocks, @ArejayHale, @TheJoeStorm, and @Jodowa. You could be part of the next "FreakyFanFriday" and be able to get to know Lzzy Hale a little better.

Visit their homepage here

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